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EVESHAM – Many women have questions about their health, but they don’t always have time to seek answers. That’s why Virtua Health offers free webinars on topics that women want to know about – from mental health to heart health, sexual wellness to digestive care.

Called “Real Talk! Women’s Health Chats,” the hour-long sessions are held five times a year by experts from Virtua, South Jersey’s largest health system. Past episodes can also be viewed: scroll to Real Talk! Now on-demand.

The chats feature medical experts sharing important advice and answering questions submitted by the online audience. The program launched in May 2020 as a pandemic-safe way to help women take charge of their health.

“Real Talk helps us meet people where they are with their health needs. It offers the type of honest conversation, information and guidance many women are looking for,” said Dr. Nicole Lamborne, Virtua’s vice president of clinical operations for Women’s Services. “The sessions are also enjoyable and entertaining – almost like chatting with a friend, but one who’s a health care professional.”

The webinars are open to everyone – not just women, the physician notes. “While they tend to be female-focused, a lot of the information pertains to anyone, so all are welcome.”

Virtua is offering an all-new lineup for 2023, including a June chat titled “Real Talk…for Men!” It will center on how guys can stay healthy, including when to get routine screenings and which foods are best for gut health. Women-oriented sessions will include the heart-health/sleep connection, addressing back pain, mind-heart benefits of yoga, and feeling great after age 60.

The first 2023 webinar, scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m., will focus on sleep and its benefits for the heart, including how to get a better night’s rest. The full 2023 schedule is being finalized, with a preliminary calendar shown below.

The discussions, which typically feature two Virtua experts, will be hosted by WXTU 92.5 radio personality Nicole Michalik. The relatable presenter keeps the conversation real with her friendly, down-to-earth approach.

Attendees give high marks to the Real Talk program.

“It provides insight and gives the ability to ask questions about issues women have and not feel ignored,” one participant noted.

“This was so entertaining and educational at the same time – not a boring ‘health talk,’” wrote another.

“Real Talk helps women prioritize their self-care, provides them with relevant information, and connects them to the services they need,” said Stephanie Fendrick, Virtua’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer. “It’s another way for Virtua to be here for our community.”

For more information, to register for upcoming chats, or to view past webinars,

2023 Webinar Schedule

The following free webinars are planned. The schedule will be updated in the coming weeks with specific dates and speakers at Sessions are normally on Thursdays at 7 p.m. Advance registration is required.

Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.: For better heart health, sleep on it!

Being heart healthy isn’t just about eating right and exercising regularly. Sleep is an essential part of your heart health and overall well-being. As women, we’re more likely to have insomnia and other sleep problems that can affect heart health. Our experts will discuss the connection between sleep and heart health, and provide tips to help you get a better night’s sleep right away.
Featured medical specialties: Cardiology and Pulmonology
Speakers: Tolulope Agunbiade, MD and Neha Vagadia, DO

April: We’ve got your BACK, literally!
Have you ever slouched in your office chair for too long and experienced pain in your back shortly after? Or been hesitant to do some of your day-to-day activities, thinking back pain would flare up? Experts from Virtua Orthopedics & Spine will dive into the causes of back pain, particularly in women, share tips to strengthen your muscles, and explain when it’s time to seek help.
Featured medical specialties: Orthopedics & Spine

June: Real talk…for men!
Let’s be honest. A lot of men would rather do chores around the house than go to the doctor. But being on top of your health now can help prevent problems down the road. What screenings should you get? What foods are best for gut health? Our experts will cover what you need to master your men’s health checklist.
Featured medical specialties: Primary Care and Surgery & Digestive Health

September: Yoga for the mind-heart connection
Namaste. Over the years, yoga has exploded in popularity. If you’re feeling worn out, stressed, or mentally exhausted, this mind-body workout immediately relaxes you and lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Our experts will talk about how yoga and other mind-body exercises can help your heart and overall wellness. Plus, participate in a guided yoga session during the event.
Featured medical specialty: Cardiology

November: Feeling fabulous over 60
As women, our bodies go through changes as we age – skin feels different, joints become achy, that belly poof won’t go away. But it’s important to know that these changes are normal, and you can do things to help. Our experts are here to break it down for you – from screenings to exercises and nutrition, and everything in between. They’ll provide tips that will have you feeling your best at any age!
Featured medical specialty: Women’s Health

On-Demand Library

To catch up on previous Real Talk episodes, visit Here’s a sampling:

Don’t be embarrassed: 10 things to ask your OB/GYN!
Listen to Your Gut: Navigating Through Your Digestive Health
Flashing through the Menopause Journey: Madge the Vag Gets Real with Our Experts
Step Away from the Pantry! Tips to Outsmart Emotional Eating During Lockdown
To learn more about Virtua Health’s services or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 1-888-VIRTUA-3.

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