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BEARS HIBERNATE. BIRDS fly off to somewhere less challenging. But men of action?

Well, they set out on these ten adrenaline-fueled, heart-pumping expeditions into uncharted territories.

Each active adventure is based on what you want out of your trip, and features what to do, where to stay, what to eat, and where to recover. We even dropped in a few training notes for the ones that are especially in need of it.

Lounging poolside, these excursions are not.

For Piles of Powders, head to: Jackson, Wyoming

Shredding Tetons backcountry is bucket-list stuff.

active winter vacations

Nic Alegre

Make the Yellowstone-esque Hotel Jackson your base camp, and hire help from Teton Backcountry Guides to explore the 300,000-plus acres of mountainside. Recovery days might include a dogsledding tour with Call of the Wyld or a massage at the Amangani resort. And most definitely venison, bison, or the extensive raw bar at the Bistro.

Train for it!

Any of these expeditions will include hikes with plenty of gear. Fill a backpack with 15, 20, or even 25 pounds, then walk for30 to 45 minutes 2 to 3 times per week.

For Winter Running, But Fun, head to: Denver, Colorado

Bust training doldrums with the Mile High City’s trails, which snake beneath
its skyline, cross creeks, and connect to foothills.

active winter vacations


Golden’s North Table Mountain and Apex Park and Lakewood’s Green Mountain Trail guarantee a runner’s high. The new Slate Denver puts you close to Four Seasons Hotel Denver’s spa, for a recovery massage, and Chez Maggy, for an upscale Denver omelet (which, yes, is a thing).

Train for it!

Aim to run for at least 30 to 45 minutes 2 to 3 times a week in the 4 weeks leading up to the trip. And simulate the mountain gain by running hill repeats on one of those days.

For Big Boulders and Hot Tubs, head to: Greater Zion, Utah

The temps at local-favorite climbing spots like Moe’s Valley and Black Rocks are chef’s-kiss perfect now, and crowds are nonexistent.

The Advenire hotel puts you within a 15-minute drive of both and 20 from Xetava Gardens Cafe, a mountain-view stop with seriously good vegetarian food. If you’re up for the worth-it two-hour drive, end your trip at Mystic Hot Springs Resort‘s geothermal pools and cast-iron tubs, where the water sits between 99 and 110 degrees.

For Snowshoeing (Yes, Snowshoeing!), head to: Vancouver Canada

Specifically, to the Grouse Mountain ski resort, where the Snowshoe Grind trail gains 787 feet of elevation over a much-farther-than-it-sounds 2.67 miles.

active winter vacations

Destination Vancouver/Kindred & Scout

Stay at the plush Fairmont Pacific Rim, with its fully equipped, 2,100-square-foot fitness center. If you have to leave the hotel, eat at Salmon n’ Bannock, a First Nations-owned and -operated restaurant with all the heart-healthy omega-3’s you can handle.

For Paddling with Beasts, head to: La Paz, Mexico

Don a snorkel and swim beside 47,000-pound whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez.
Or sign on with Eco Migrations for a morning of sea kayaking to witness the migration of these massive animals.

Then head to Rancho Pescadero for the (wait for it) Barbacoa Hangover Experience, in which a night of Mexican-spirit tastings around a crackling fire leads into a breakfast of tacos filled with assorted slow-roasted meats, complete with tortillas fresh off the comal.

For Ice Waterfall Climbing, head to: Banff, Canada

Banff Adventures will outfit you with the equipment (because there’s plenty) and experienced guides you’ll require to ascend frozen cascades throughout the Canadian Rockies.

active winter vacations


Warm up at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, which is basically next to Banff Upper Hot Springs. Or try a guided forest bathing tour via Forest Fix to help you chill. And do at least one meal inside the private, 360-degree glass dining dome at Fairmont Banff Springs. Because nature.

For Cross-Country and Carbs, head to: Carrabassett Valley, Maine

Too many resort cross-country skiing trails are an afterthought.

active winter vacations


Not at Sugarloaf, where the vast network features quasi-backcountry routes, glides across frozen ponds, and 500-foot climbs. The Lockwood Hotel, in historic Waterville, sits downtown, and Front & Main will hook you up with lobster bucatini and Acadian-style savory pancakes called ployes. School Street Yoga offers a Slow Flow & Restore class to soothe trail-weary muscles.

For Mountain Biking and Bratwurst, head to: Madison, Wisconsin

The groomed mountain-bike paths of CamRock, about 20 minutes outside Madison, are legendary for winter fat-tire biking through woodlands and over frozen lakes.

Chill out in a sensory-deprivation float tank at Float Factor to slow your heart rate a bit. And overnight at Graduate Madison, a boutique hotel on Lake Mendota, where an ’80s-summer-camp-themed rooftop bar that is as awesome as it sounds serves beer brats, Wisconsin grilled cheese, and pulled pork.

For Extreme Cardio, head to Big Island, Hawaii

When winter swells hit the Aloha State, stay at the humpback-frequented Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection.

active winter vacations

Hayden Ramler

Through its Kainalu water-sports program, you can launch a four-man outrigger canoe into the surf to ride the waves. Or do a waterman workout, which involves plunging underwater holding a large rock . . . then running. Replenish with black-truffle king crab legs at CanoeHouse.

Train for it!

Add loaded carries to your workouts. Try 4 sets of at least 45 seconds (bonus if you can use a heavy sandbag).

For Punishment Gluttony, head to: Coney Island, New York

The Coney Island Polar Bear Club hosts limited open-to-the-public swims in front of the New York Aquarium on Sundays now through April.

active winter vacations

Associated Press/Seth Wenig

After taking the plunge, heat up at Mermaid Spa, a Russian bathhouse with platza treatments, which involve getting whacked with a fragrant bundle of birch. Then head to Coney Island Brewery for a hops beatdown, and finally, check into EVEN Hotel Brooklyn, where the rooms are stocked with foam rollers. You’re going to need them.

A version of this article originally appeared in the December 2022 issue of Men’s Health.

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