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ICYMI: Penn Badgley, a.k.a. everyone’s favorite fictional serial killer/problematic heartthrob Joe Goldberg, is off the market and has been for some time now. If that’s news to you, I’m sorry for crushing your heart, but it was never going to happen (sigh).

So who’s the lucky lady? It’s none other than British-American singer and doula Domino Kirke—sister of Girls star Jemima Kirke and Gemini actress Lola Kirke. The pair are so utterly in love that they had not one, but two (!!) weddings to solidify their partnership.

But, let’s rewind a bit. The You star and singer first started dating back in 2014, bonding over their shared Bahá’í Faith, a religion initially developed in Iran and parts of the Middle East in the 19th century. The Gossip Girl alum even shared that if it wasn’t for his faith, he doesn’t believe he would’ve ever been able to seriously love someone else. “I don’t think I could truly value human love until I developed divine love,” Penn shared in a 2018 exclusive interview with People.

In February 2017, the couple legally wed in an intimate courthouse ceremony held in Brooklyn, New York. Four months later, they threw a second, much larger outdoor wedding in upstate New York, which was attended by a few celeb pals such as Heidi Klum and Zac Posen, per People. It wasn’t until after their wedding, in September 2017, that Domino made her debut on Penn’s Instagram—a photo of her album cover for Beyond Waves. (Talk about delaying that hard launch. It’s so Scorpio of him, TBH.)

In August 2020, the pair welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named James, giving a sibling to Domino’s son, Cassius, whom she shares with ex Morgan O’Kane.

With their spiritual connection, creative professions, and growing family, it’s no mystery that these two are a perfect match. Some may even say meant to be. Let intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang explain: Domino’s Juno, the asteroid relating to marriage and partnership, in Aries is in conjunction with Penn’s North Node, a destiny point that determines your fate, showing a love that lasts. “Were they meant to be? This is a sure sign of that,” says Lang.

That’s not all. Lang analyzed both Penn and Domino’s birth charts to determine their astrological compatibility, and let’s just say their marriage does not lack passion—but like healthy, not in an obsessive-serial-killer type of way.

Venus and Mars bring sizzling chemistry.

A major point of compatibility between Penn and Domino is Venus, the planet of love and attraction. “Venus relates to the ways we flirt and what we want in a partner. It’s our values in relationships as well,” explains Lang. Both Penn and Domino have Venus in deep water sign Scorpio. Meaning, these two have a very passionate connection.

Moreover, Domino’s Venus is in a square aspect with Penn’s Mars, the planet of action and desire, in Aquarius. In astrology, Venus and Mars are considered the relationship planets and “when we have our two relationship planets in a dynamic aspect, we have chemistry,” explains Lang. Ahem, like really intense chemistry that cannot be underestimated.

Similar to Penn, Domino’s Mars is also in an air sign, Libra, which means these two have similar turn-ons, explains Lang. And given that air signs are sociable creatures, “there’s probably a lot of communication in this relationship, especially as it relates to the physical aspects of their relationship,” she adds. Think: Lots of dirty talk and voicing their desires. (Now, that’s hot.)

But Saturn presents financial challenges.

“Saturn can be a problematic influence because it relates to growth edges of the relationship where we feel pressure,” explains Lang. Prime example: Domino’s Saturn, the planet of obligations and responsibilities, in Scorpio is in conjunction with Penn’s Venus, meaning this pair may have some tension when it comes to handling finances, says Lang.

While they share similar values around spending and saving, thanks to Venus, Penn may feel like Domino wants to be in charge of their money matters, explains Lang. But, luckily, he has nothing to worry about as “she’s got both Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of shared resources and investments, so she’d make wise decisions,” says Lang. Plus, Domino’s Saturn is in a trine aspect to Penn’s Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, “showing careful growth of their assets and protection of their family over time,” she adds.

And while Saturn may bring challenges, it can also offer comfort and growth. Lang explains that Penn’s Saturn in Sagittarius is in conjunction with Domino’s South Node, a destiny point related to one’s past and karma. “At times, he may remind her of her family of origin, which can be deeply healing,” she adds.

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Nevertheless, theirs is a balanced partnership, thanks to the Sun and Mercury.

Penn’s Sun sign is in moody water sign Scorpio, while Domino’s is in adventurous fire sign Sagittarius. Read: “She can keep things light when Penn gets intense,” says Lang. And while these two signs are right next to each other, meaning they shouldn’t work, Lang says this combination offers good balance. “I find that signs next to one another tend to be able to maintain a good friendship,” she says. “There’s a nice mix of deepness and focus [in] Penn, and open-minded generosity [in] Domino.”

The number one factor to their long-lasting relationship: trust. Both Scorpio and Sagittarius are truth seekers, Lang notes. “They want the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” They also see eye-to-eye on many issues without the surface-level nonsense (ahem, BS) other relationships may have, she adds.

Plus, with Mercury’s influence, this is a really grounded relationship for them. Penn’s Mercury, the planet of communication, being in Scorpio means he’ll often get lost in his own world trying to find answers to society’s biggest questions, says Lang. But, thanks to Domino’s Mercury in practical, focused Capricorn, she can help him see the light of day when he gets too deep into a creative zone or project.

Huh, perhaps Penn’s character Joe in You could benefit from a Domino in his life. (Seriously, the man must be stopped.)

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