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Simply Men's Health # 1 rated ED Clinic cutting edge treatments for ED, Peyronie's including BoCox Botox for ED, RejuvaWAVE Multi Wave Shockwave Laser, Priapus PRP and Biologics and Testosterone

Simply Men’s Health, Boca Raton’s #1 ED and Men’s Sexual Wellness clinic

BoCox new use for Botox to Cure Erectile Dysfunction, Increase Penis Length and provide strong, more intense, longer lasting erectdions even in men who do not respond to Viagra , trimix

BoCox Botox for Erectile Dysfunction – stronger, harder, erections and more intense orgasms

Boca Raton's # 1 ED clinic's Revolutionary ED Shockwave Multi Wave ED treatment restores a spontanesou sex life Botox provides greatest chance of enjoying a better sex life and stronger relationships

Rekindle the spark and enjoy a spontaneous sex life again with BoCox Botox for ED

Newest medical breakthrough to achieve stronger, longer lasting erections, more intense orgasms, and restore your sexual vitality even when all else has failed.

Botox may have potential to improve the treatment of erectile dysfunction when standard drugs — like Viagra — have not worked”

— Dr. Channa Jayasena, Andrologist at Imperial College London

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2023 / — Even when Viagra, pills and trimix stop working, no longer do men have to accept erectile dysfunction as an inevitable part of aging. Botox, better known for ironing out wrinkles, provides a revolutionary, NEW way to treat Erectile Dysfunction and restore your sex life.

In fact, Botox ED studies show that a single procedure cured ED for about six months in 40% of men in whom Viagra or Trimix did not work. In addition, after about six months, these men often noticed their flaccid penis length increased. Therefore, Botox may hold the answer to restoring sexual vitality even the most severe ED cases.

BoCox™ Botox for Erectile Dysfunction?

Although many ED studies showed the benefits of Botox for Erectile Dysfunction, there was no standardized protocol. Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the Vampire facial® made famous by Kim Kardashian and the P-Shot, now introduces the BoCox™ ED Cure. Specifically, Dr Runels standardized the method of injecting Botox and PRP to improve erections and increase flaccid penis length.

Nationwide, Dr. Runel’s has only trained and licensed a few doctors to provide the genuine BoCox™ procedure. In fact, Dr. J Katz, founder of Simply Men’s Health serving Boca Raton, South Florida and the Treasure Coast, is one of the first licensed providers of Dr. Runel’s BoCox™

How Does Botox Improve Erectile Dysfunction?

No longer is Botox just for wrinkles. But, how does a neurotoxin known for erasing wrinkles result in harder, longer lasting, more intense erections and orgasms? Just as Botox erases wrinkles by blocking muscle contractions, similarly, it relaxes smooth muscles in penile blood vessels. As a result, blood flow into the penis increases.

Specifically, penile Botox injections improves erections and orgasms by the following mechanisms:

1. Relaxes smooth muscles in the walls of penile blood vessels increasing blood flow and length of the flaccid penis.

2. Increases nitric oxide production necessary for an erection

3. Blocks vasoconstricting sympathetic influence while enhancing parasympathetic response required for arousal, erections and orgasms

4. Promotes vascular endothelial growth factor which improves vasodilation. In addition, the growth factor helps repair and grow healthier penile tissue.

Safey of Botox for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Since Botox is botulinum neurotoxin, patients may wonder about safety. Although not FDA approved to treat ED, physicians report over a 20-year safety record using Botox. Specifically, studies show Botox injections for ED to be safe. As a frame of reference, the lethal dose of Botox for a 180 pound man is about 150 to 200 Botox bottles. In contrast, physicians inject only ONE bottle of Botox for ED. Therefore, patients do not need to fear Botox injections for ED.

About Simply Men’s Health

Simply Men’s Health is the premier men’s clinic in Boca Raton serving South Florida since 2014. In contrast to many ED clinic franchises, we are, first and foremost, a medical practice owned and operated by physicians. We put the health and safety and satisfaction of our patients above profit. Overall, we provide the most innovative, state-of-the-art treatments that harness your body’s own healing capacity to naturally restore your sexual vitality. Simply Men’s Health offers the most cutting edge treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s such as RejuvaWAVE Multi Wave Shockwave℠ Laser, PRP Priapus Shot, Bio-identical testosterone replacement, BoCox™, Trimix and Biologics. From the moment you enter our Zen-like facility and greeted by our highly-trained and professional staff, you will feel relaxed and comfortable to confidentially discuss your most private health needs. You no longer need to suffer. ONE visit can change your life.

Joan Katz, M.D., M.P.H
Simply Men’s Health
+1 561-459-5356
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New way to Treat ED – Even when other treatments fail, Botox may help get you back in the game

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